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Skills Edit

Your Skills can be found in the OPTIONS MENU under the STATS tab. Here, you will be able to find your Base Level and all your Skills. Skills include, Melee, Distance, Magic and Defense. To increase your Skills the most efficient way possible, you must obtain one of the three Training Weapons. Unlike your Base Level, increasing your Skill is done by the number of ticks you hit on a monster, not by killing them. For example, by not using one of the Training Weapons and using a regular weapon, you will deal more damage and kill a monster in less ticks therefore not increasing your Skill/Skills as fast as the Training Weapons allow. You will find that a Training Dagger is used for training your Melee Skill. The Training Bow is for training your Distance Skill and the Training Wand is for training your Magic Skill. You can find all three Training Weapons being sold for 1,000 Gold each at the Gear Merchant Vendor in Town.

NOTE: Defense increases each time you get hit by an enemy and through every Skill. Example: By using the Melee Skill, your Defense will increase every time you get hit. The same goes for the Distance Skill and Magic Skill.